22, Sep 2023
Complex structures with architectural, archaeological, and symbolic value, comprising monuments, structures, and urban plans, often requiring master plans for development.

What Is a Major Site?

A major site is a complex structure that encompasses many features and has high architectural, archaeological and symbolic value. It may consist of numerous monuments or a collection of structures including ancient urban plans, water reservoirs and communication routes.

If a major site plan will result in new street connections to existing streets or street stubs within a single-family residential subdivision, neighborhood meetings may be required. Applicants must notify affected landowners and post a notice sign for the meeting. 메이저사이트

Type of the site

A major site is a large, urbanized land development. These sites typically have a high population density and extensive infrastructure requirements. These sites require the production of a master plan for the development. This ensures that the site will have adequate capacity to accommodate its projected growth. Moreover, it allows the City to manage traffic issues and other environmental concerns.

The proposed approach to the Major Sites policy, including the requirement for the production of suitable masterplans, appears reasonable. It should allow the Council to achieve its policy objectives in the most cost-effective manner.

Purpose of the site

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