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Join Us!

Thank you for your interest in the Long Island Clean Water Partnership. Hundreds of residents like you have sent letters to elected officials asking them to protect our waters. As a result, government officials at the federal, state, county and town levels are acknowledging the magnitude of Long Island's water quality crisis and beginning to take action for remediation and improvement.

While we are encouraged by the progress, the fight for clean water is far from over.

Science conclusively shows that the quality of Long Island's groundwater and surface waters is steadily declining.  We are faced with beach and shellfish harvest area closures, toxic brown and red tides in our bays and harbors, harmful blue-green algae in our freshwater ponds and lakes, and die-offs of fish, salt marshes and underwater fish habitat.

The single largest cause of our poor water quality is nitrogen pollution leaking from aging sewer and septic systems-but we can fix this! We need stronger policies and standards that will limit the amount of nitrogen flowing into our groundwater and from there into our surface waters.

The Long Island Clean Water Partnership is advocating for use of new waste disposal technology, raising public awareness through community forums, reaching out to media outlets and meeting with elected officials. Still, we need your help!

Tackling the issue of water quality is one of Long Island’s biggest environmental challenges. We need everyone to take notice and call for action. After all, there’s nothing more important than clean water – to drink, swim in or fish from.  Water defines life here on Long Island.

Get involved and join the Long Island Clean Water Partnership! Stay tuned for more updates, forums, and actions.

* Some Photos By: A. Graziano