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Sewer Projects Approved in Babylon and Mastic

Supporting water quality improvement projects

This January, voters in Babylon and Mastic flocked to the polls to vote on important issues, including clean water. On the ballot was a referendum for two sewer projects that will cover 6,500 homes, making this Suffolk County’s largest expansion since the 1970s. Understanding the value of investing in water quality improvement, 77% of voters said yes!

$388 million in federal and state grants will be used to hook up homes in Babylon and Mastic to sewers and remove other sewage from our waters. These projects will improve residential quality of life while also helping to protect two of Long Island’s most fragile rivers – Carlls River and Forge River. Learn more about these two ecologically important rivers and why they need our protection here

By approving these projects, voters made a strong showing of how important water quality is to them and Long Island. Voting in favor of this referendum makes these projects the largest action to protect local water in more than 40 years! Long Islanders’ commitment to protect and restore water quality will set an example for future efforts to invest in Long Island’s water. 

The Long Island Clean Water Partnership was proud to endorse these efforts in Babylon and Mastic. This is just the beginning. You can help support opportunities for clean water investments by joining the Long Island Clean Water Partnership and by urging elected officials to support additional investments in waste water technology across Long Island. Thank you for joining us in the fight to protect and restore Long Island’s water.